January 6, 2023

Business Process Driven Testmanagement

Sebastian Stemmer

BPDT - Business Process Driven Testmanagement.

Now I don't know if this term actually exists but this is the central idea behind our tool "Testmap for Jira".

Why business process driven is the way to go

If you ask stakeholders what kind of testing (Unit, Integration, E2E) is the most important one in software testing, most of them will reply with End-to-End testing. Kind of a no-brainer, given the fact that delivering process-excellence to customers is one of the main ways to make them happy.

Yet if you ask the same people, which of these tests is the best served in terms of software solutions, End-to-End usually comes in last on that list.

This observation is exactly what we discovered in user research regarding the Jira Software ecosystem as well.

Our approach with Testmap for Jira

That is why we chose to come up with a different solution that serves this purpose way better than existing solutions. These are the basic steps:

(1) Bring your process landscape to Jira


If you are working for a corporate, chances are high that the company documents its processes in one way or another. Besides the circumstance that not everyone might be aware of where this task is handled, this information is not accessible within Jira itself.

We strongly believe this should be the case so the "Business Process Repository" is a fundamental piece of our product design.

(2) Get a birds-eye view about what's going on


Am I the only one who thinks it is ridiculous that in most cases, stakeholders in a company can not with certainty tell you where exactly in their business process landscape they are currently making adjustments?

That is kind of like a city planner not having access to a map where he or she can clearly see all the construction sites and what streets are affected.

So we came up with the "Business Process Graph" feature, that will clearly show everyone e. g. the connections between all components and if they are currently "under construction".

(3) Base your project's testmanagement on your real business processes


Having these tools at your disposal right within Jira, your first move when setting up your testmanagement for a certain project, is to base it on the company's real business process landscape.

Literally within a matter of a few minutes, you will have your testmanagement-controlling up and running.

If you are interested in finding out more about the capabilities of "Testmap for Jira", browse our website, the product's documentation or leave us a message.

Written by
Sebastian Stemmer

Sebastian is the founder of DigITup and the Jira Software solution "Testmap for Jira". He has been a part of major software projects with big corporates for nearly a decade and likes getting jobs done.

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