Testmap for Jira
December 26, 2022
2 minutes

Testmap for Jira submitted for approval on Atlassian Marketplace

Sebastian Stemmer

It is the end of 2022 and we managed to achieve a major milestone we had set for ourselves:

We submitted our app Testmap for Jira to be listed on the Atlassian Marketplace!

Atlassian Marketplace

How we got here

It was the beginning of the year when the inception and design phase really started. Never having build a software solution on our own before made it an exciting yet obscure challenge.

Just to name a few out of the hundreds of questions we have asked ourselves in the past 12 months:

  • Is it really a problem to be solved or are we making this up?
  • How to figure this out as quick as possible?
  • What sources of knowledge will help us guide the way?
  • What tools do we use for x, y and z?
  • How and where to find fellow enthusiasts to make this all come to life?
  • When is the right time to start building this damn app?
  • What's the process even look like to list an app on the Atlassian Marketplace?

When we actually started building Testmap for Jira in August we tried to come up with a realistic yet ambitious timeline to ship our idea as soon as possible.

The end of this year seemed like a good commitment and so we moved ahead, foot on the gas pedal.

5 months later, we are here, waiting for a response in the upcoming days to our approval request.

And we have to admit (although nothing really has been accomplished yet), we are a bit proud of our achievement. Especially given the unsurprising fact, that with people joining and leaving the company, it has not been a smooth ride all along.

The outlook for 2023

If everything works out as planned - as it usually does - we hope to be live wih our MVP by the beginning of February.

And then? Well, who knows. People usually overestimated what can be achieved in one year yet underestimate what can be accomplished in 10.

We will do everything we can to get real user feedback as quick and as much as possible and with our backlog being filled with countless more ideas, we will see where we will be by the end of 2023.

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Written by
Sebastian Stemmer

Sebastian is the founder of DigITup and the Jira Software solution "Testmap for Jira". He has been a part of major software projects with big corporates for nearly a decade and likes getting jobs done.

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