December 2, 2022
5 minutes

The struggles of software testing in big corporates

Sebastian Stemmer

Having been a part of some major software projects in the past years, some problems seem to occur more or less in every big corporate. Let's address a few of them in this blog post and wrap it up with how our solution Testmap for Jira can help overcome these problems.

Lacking expertise

Let's be honest, out of all the usual IT-roles in a project, the roles of a testmanager and/or QA are those, where it is the hardest to find personell that is really qualified and does an outstanding job. I am not a 100% sure why this is the case but I am sure only a minority of my fellow project colleagues would disagree with me on this fact.

This circumstance, obviously, is a burden for a potential project success. Just take a look at the critical role of the testmanager and some of his tasks:

  • Understanding the software landscape, in which the project is taking place
  • Grasping on a high-level all the interdependencies between the involved components
  • Setting up a top-notch testmanagement-controlling
  • Being aware of testing hotspots and critical paths
  • Ongoing surveillance of the testprogress

I have seen first hand what happens, when this well-needed expertise is missing. Project staff's trust in what the testmanager is doing and saying will deteriorate and with it - sooner or later - the delivered quality of your software.

Now, you can't totally make up for lacking expertise by using the right tooling but I am sure that it can substantially help where high-potential test personell is hard to come by.

Lacking testing standards

There is this always arising question on every project:

"How much testing is enough?"

Well, I have yet to come by a company that has anaylzed their past projects and came up with some kind of standard for every project to follow.

Not unsurprisngly though because one of the main issues with doing it is the question of how to find a common ground on which some kind of benchmarking would make sense.

With this lack of guidance though - in combination with the first point - project success becomes less likely.

Lacking access to critical information

Quick fun-fact:

Only 16% of businesses say they have complete visibility into their processes*

(*Research conducted by process-mining-leader Celonis)

Now that is a mind-blowing number.

How do you want to deliver a high-quality customer experience, when you as a company do not have the slightest clue what your own processes look like?

Fortunately, process-mining as an industry has been growing rapidly in the past few years. However, massive adoption of this - in my point of view urgently needed software for every corporate - will still take years.

Anyone who has ever been on a bigger projects knows, that E2E-testing is the gold-standard of testing. If you are good at doing this, there is a great chance you and your team are doing fine. Unfortunately, you can only do successful E2E-testing, if the E2E-processes are transparent for every stakeholder on the project.

How does Testmap for Jira help?

I won't cover the exact features in detail in this blog post but let's address two main points:

Bringing all relevant information into Jira

If Jira is your main project-management tool where most of the work is being done (writing user stories, testcases, executing and documenting them, etc.), shouldn't mission-critical information be available right in this tool?

So that is exactly what we will do with Testmap for Jira. Every stakeholder with access to Jira will have access to this kind of information, like "What processes exist?" and "What components are involved?":

One core feature: Business Process Graph (BPG)

Top-notch, standardized testmanagement-controlling in minutes

Jira Software offers great flexibility when it comes to customizing your dashboards. However, flexibility comes at a price when not everyone brings in the required knowledge to set up a comprehensive testmanagement-controlling dashboard.

With Testmap for Jira every corporate will be able to do exactly that in less than 10 minutes! For every project. Standardized. Based on your company's real business processes.

Another core feature: Canvas

Take a look at other blog posts to dig deeper into what Testmap for Jira is capable of and how this tool can probably help your company to deliver better results in your software projects.

Written by
Sebastian Stemmer

Sebastian is the founder of DigITup and the Jira Software solution "Testmap for Jira". He has been a part of major software projects with big corporates for nearly a decade and likes getting jobs done.

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