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Wir freuen uns, dass du dich für unser Produkt interessierst. Derzeit arbeiten wir jedoch noch unermüdlich an unserer finalen Version. Die mit Spannung erwartete Markteinführung wird im Januar 2023 sein!

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A future success,
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More than 100,000+ teams are using Collab

We are building Testmap for Jira to bring testing in software projects to another level

It is our conviction that testing in software projects does not get the attention it deserves, nor are companies equipped with the right tooling.

We develop Testmap for Jira so teams like yours can shift the focus to delivering process excellence.

Features that get you results

Transform how your teams execute testing in software projects. Focus on your real business processes and deliver process excellence.

Map-Centric Design
Business Process Repository
Business Process Graph
Component, Process and Project View
Automatic Data Gap Detection
Filter KPI's By Three Dimensions

We believe in the power of intrinsic motivation.

There is no better foundation to achieve great results, than having a group of people around you, who feel absolutely passionate about what they are doing.

It's surely not the only thing you need to be successfull, but without it, everything else means nothing.

Sebastian Stemmer
“Our vision is that every bigger company who uses Jira software, uses Testmap for Jira as well.”
Sebastian Stemmer -  Founder of DigITup

Providing the simplest solution for the most complex problem


Gaining industry insights

Working for years on huge IT software implementation projects made us realize, that basically every company had the same problem.
That's the time where we gathered the insights to now come up with a desirable solution.

Sebastian Stemmer
“If you don't care enough for the problem to be solved, don't even start.”
Sebastian Stemmer -  Founder of DigITup
DigITup Logo
DigITup Logo

Founding of DigITup

The idea was born and the desire to follow up on this idea as well. So back in August of 2021, DigITup was founded.

Originally with the intention of being a service- and product company, the focus should soon change to become a product company, first and foremost.

Getting problem-solution-fit right

There is always the danger of assuming there is a problem for someone else, when there might not be. So the only way to validate this is to test your hypothesis with potential users.
And that is exactly what we did, starting roughly in March 2022.

Sebastian Stemmer
“This early feedback gave us confidence that we might be on the right track."
Sebastian Stemmer -  Founder of DigITup

Start of developement

After usertests with wireframes and mockups had been successfull, it was time to actually build our solution.

So we hired our first developer and started the implementation process.

Abdullah Tayeh
“Being right there at the beginning of such a challenging and exciting journey was irresistible.”
Abdullah Tayeh  -  Fullstack Developer at DigITup
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Product launch

As a product company, you want to launch as soon as possible to get user feedback to your actual product.
We have a very clear idea about our MVP and we are confident we can launch our first version by January 2023.

Hajo Bobeth
“I'm really looking forward to this date and I'm curious about the feedback from the users”
Hajo Bobeth -  Social Media Manager at DigITup

A team of dedicated people

Sebastian Stemmer
Sebastian Stemmer
Founder / CEO
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Abdullah Tajeh
Fullstack Developer
Hajo Bobeth
Hajo Bobeth
Social Media Manager
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