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Business Analysis

One thing is certain: without expertise in both - the technical and business requirements of an industry - it will be really difficult to be a competent implementation partner and advisor. Having an overview of the concerns of the entire industry is fundamentally important for this.
We have decades of experience in the insurance industry and we consider business analysis to be our core competency.

business analysis


While a few years ago many large projects were still implemented using the waterfall method, many insurers have now switched to carrying out their largest lighthouse projects with Scrum and Co. Whether it's working in a sprint rhythm, estimating according to user story points or holding a scrum meeting: all of this is routine for us - especially in scaled environments.

Agile Development


Many insurance companies offer their various users a variety of options for digitally initiating business processes themselves. For this purpose, web-based portals are available to the groups, through which the highest possible end-to-end processing rate should be achieved.Building portals based on current web technologies is one of our core competencies.


Policy Management

Many insurers are either still relying on old PM-systems or they struggle to integrate the new core system into their existing architectural software landscape. Thanks to a wealth of experience, especially in the area of ​​sales processes and policy management, we can provide you with extensive knowledge in how to gain the benefits you need in order to compete in the market.

Policies Management


Guidewire is an American provider of an insurance suite that has gained popularity in Germany, especially in recent years. We have been actively involved in some major transformation projects in the past and have been able to accumulate expertise in the areas of policy centers, claims centers and portals.

digitup guidewire


Sales is one of the neuralgic points of an insurer. Each of the possibly many sales channels of an insurer can have its own requirements, which must always be carefully observed.From many projects, especially with the focus of new ​​point-of-sale systems, we know only too well which aspects are important when considering sales issues.



Testing is an area in many projects that is unfortunately often neglected. This ranges from the planning of capacities for testing, to the transparency of the current test status of the built components, to the lack of staffing of test experts.While we are not test experts, we are very aware of the best practises to follow during every project.


Project management

A large project with several hundred, sometimes thousands of project man-days and countless components and interfaces is a highly complex undertaking. Without extensive knowledge of project management methods, it is difficult to focus and align yourself in day-to-day project work. We know how to do it.

Project management


Large projects sometimes have several hundreds of requirements that have to be documented, changed and implemented over the course of the project and which the decentralized teams have to be able to access at any time. The Atlassian tool stack is the de facto standard in this area.All employees are very familiar with JIRA and have years of experience in using this tool in large-scale projects.

Jira Software Digitup


If sometimes more than 200 employees are actively working on a project, collecting, documenting and changing requirements, holding countless appointments in order to be able to get a functioning piece of software up and running at the end of the day, then there is also a need for a place for the documentation. We know how to make the most of this tool.



Process modeling is a central aspect of every digitization project. Cost savings and faster response times for clients are the two most dominant driving factors. The analysis and definition of these processes are extremely important and we are experienced in how to boost your performances.


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