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JIRA Cloud Add-on "Testmap for JIRA"

Do you also think that your business processes should be the focus? Then we offer you a solution that helps you to keep track of the software development process.
digitup business process dashboard

Put your business processes in focus

At the center of every company are its core business processes. Mostly, however, this view is neglected when it comes to testing in software projects. "Testmap for JIRA" offers a solution to visualize the implementation status at the push of a button.

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Easy integration into your existing processes

JIRA is the de facto standard in the German insurance industry when it comes to IT project management. With a few settings you can install the add-on and benefit from a significantly better transparency of the implementation status of your business processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target group for this course?
Employees from departments who have not yet had any contact with IT topics. But who are either simply interested in understanding how topics and processes are related in your company or employees who are just about to do so, e.g. B. to work as a technical expert in a first IT project and want to acquire basic knowledge.
What kind of previous knowledge do you need to have?
No. The course also picks up all people who have little or no IT know-how.
Does this course include exam assignments?
No, there are no tasks to be completed during the course. No certificate or similar will be issued after completion of all modules.
How long does this course last?
The total time of all videos is about 3 hours.
How much does it cost to access this course?
Access to this course is completely free. The goal is simply to give as many "newcomers" as possible from the departments and Co. a basic understanding of the IT project world.
What exactly are the topics taught in the course?
An exact list of the modules and their content can be downloaded from the homepage as a PDF.
What makes this course better than other courses on the market?
A course like this does not yet exist on the market. There are numerous courses that teach frameworks such as SCRUM, for example, or courses on learning platforms such as Udemy, on countless tools and technologies. However, the use case for participants of this course is different: Experts should be brought closer to the IT project world holistically, so that the start on the first project succeeds as "smoothly" as possible. For this purpose, both methodological knowledge and the handling of very frequently used software tools are imparted on the basis of a concrete application case from the insurance industry.