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The software implementation partner for insurers

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Engaged in digital transformation  and struggling because you don't have the staff? Or having a hard time to meet mountains of requirements and deliverables?

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We are not your ordinary IT consulting company. We specialize in the insurance industry. That is why each and everyone of us has at least a couple of years of experience in the insurance business and knows how end-to-end thinking can make a big difference.

Past Clients

Here's a small selection of the most recent projects we've supported.
Within a few weeks brought transparency and confidence to the BiPRO implementation.
“Not even onboard for three weeks and yet already really deep into the topics. Really well done.”
- Project member
Made sure that complex submission processes would work the same in all point of sales systems.
“When there were personnel bottlenecks in the project, the open topics were taken over immediately. Extremely capable of working in a team”
- Product Owner
Massively increased the programs transparency and efficiency for the development process.
“Definitely brought up a lot of different aspects that we had not thought of before”
- Project Lead

Explore our areas of expertise

business analysis
Business Analysis
We help you examine processes and procedures, evaluate operational efficiency, identify automation potentials and help integrate new systems or applications with existing technology to improve your stakeholders needs.
Agile Development
Agile Development
Although the core principles of agile methodologies may sound easy to adopt, gaining actual benefits out of them is a challenge when done in scaled environments. We help you achieve just that.
policy mangment
Policy Management
Years of experience in the industry make us fully aware that there are many different applications and partners involved with an insurance business. We can support you to improve your processes.
Project management
BiPRO norms are a set of interface standards which are widely used to connect insurers with other third party broker applications. We help you implement BiPRO norms so you focus on achieving results earlier than later.

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