We take your company into the future

We are a specialized technology consulting partner for insurers in Germany. We bring technological transformation to the industry. Our job is not about making one part of the insurance process more efficient – rather, it’s to solve problems that involve people, data, and systems
working together.

The perfect recruitment

The best way to hire talented people is with remote opportunities because of the scarce and dispersed location of true talent in industry. Our goal is to unite the valuable and scarce talent in the industry under one roof.

Live an
exceptional life

We give our employees the flexibility they need to balance their work and personal lives. Our team members are given time off from work, support for family life through flexible hours that allow them balance between careers while meeting responsibilities at home.


Actions Not Words
Actions, not words
All too often consulting companies promise you the moon. We’re a different kind of company. We're honest about our abilities and limitations with no hidden fees or unrealistic promises made to get your business.
Real Experience in Insurance
Real experience in Insurance
We don’t brush up our team member’s CVs to get the job. Each of our team members has at least a few years of experience working within the insurance industry and can vouch for their credentials.
Fostering business and personal growth
As a company whose ideal is also rooted in finding and fostering people's growth, each year we sponsor a student's access to a massively successful and highly innovative online education program (“PowerMBA”) in a local school.
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